Sound Bars

                        Alto 7 Plus

                        Alto 7+

                        The sound from the Alto 7+ has been specially tuned to deliver what the artist intended, delivering loud and clear sound without distortion. With three distinct listening modes, wireless streaming via Bluetooth, and a wireless subwoofer for bass you can feel, it's the perfect complement to larger TVs.

                        Alto 7

                        Alto 7

                        With four drivers (two full range and two tweeters), the Alto 7 sound bar lets you hear every detail with pristine clarity. Finely tuned sound, with a hassle-free setup, lets you enjoy your favorite entertainment even more.

                        Alto 5 Plus

                        Alto 5+

                        Alto 5+ lets you hear every detail with crisp clarity. Plus, a wireless subwoofer delivers extra bass to make movies and music content on your TV come to life.

                        Alto 5

                        Alto 5

                        TCL's Alto 5 sound bar delivers distortion-free sound at any volume level and for any content. With dedicated components for left and right speakers, coupled with fine-tuning by experienced audio engineers, you will be able to hear every detail with crisp clarity.